Personalised Healthy Eating Plans tailored to your dietary needs and busy



Imagine having a Nutritionist conduct a comprehensive review your diet and lifestyle and create for you a personalised plan designed and tailored specifically to your needs and lifestyle to help you personally lose the first 5kg’s?

Every wondered why you struggle to manage your weight, feel fatigued or catch every cold/flue that goes around? 

Perhaps you've tried various diets, shakes, weight loss tips from friends even supplements but have had little success?


We all come in different shapes and sizes, have different metabolisms, dietary needs and ways we live our life. A one size fits all approach is why we feel helpless to take control of our weight and eating habits


A Personalised Plan is designed to your dietary needs and lifestyle

Are you fed up with your weight?

  • fed up carrying around the extra 5 kilos

  • sick of feeling let down by promises of losing weight via fad diets, weight loss shakes or the 1 size fits all program

  • totally over never feeling satisfied or full with food

  • sick of being controlled by cravings

  • fed up with feeling tired and fatigued

  • totally over those diets that make you feel deprived of food or worse… starved!


Then a personalised plan may be just what you need!

By working with a Nutritionist you’ll:

  • pinpoint habits, rituals and barriers that are keeping you stuck

  • create a tailored plan that suites your current dietary restrictions and lifestyle to help you achieve losing the first 5kg’s

  • be shown a system to help you easily implement your plan and how to prepare for challenges that life can sometimes attract

  • address mind set and emotional blocks that may stand in the way of your progress

  • keep you accountable and on track with your plan

  • provide you with the necessary knowledge, skills and strategies to walk away with the tools for a lifetime so you’ll always know when and what to eat with ease  

"You'll be surprised how a few simple changes can make a massive difference to your waistline"

Why diets don’t work:

  1. they’re restrictive and often lack essential nutrients causing nutrient deficiencies which can be harmful to your health and vital organs.

  2. they cause you to feel deprivation and enhance the need to binge eat after the diet has finished

  3. they teach you that you must suffer to lose weight which isn’t at all true

  4. they don’t teach you anything about how to lead a healthy lifestyle in the long term to keep the weight off

  5. restrictive diets can take all the pleasure out of eating and give the impression that eating healthy food is boring, bland and causes pain

  6. continual dieting can lead to eating disorders

  7. they give the impression that they only way to lose weight is to fork out money on pills, powders & potions.

Why a personalised healthy eating plan works

  1. The plan is tailored to your dietary needs and lifestyle vs. a 1 size fits all approach

  2. You will know exactly what foods to eat more of and what foods to avoid for your body type because we are not all the same.

  3. Habits and rituals are created by taking your lifestyle into consideration because how can you implement something that restricts you?

  4. It’s a lifestyle, not a diet. Eating this way will become a way of life and no longer will you require to diet on & off

  5. Unlike a diet you wont feel deprivation, the need to bringe eat or the harsh effects of cravings when you cut out foods you love.

  6. Small changes are made each week vs. all at once which is less daunting and far more effective!

What others are saying about their Personalised Plans

"I would like to thank you for your valuable assistance. Thanks to your advice and easy-to-follow guidelines, I have lost 5 kilos in the last 2 months, without feeling restricted or tired. I've allowed myself one day per week of "forget about nutrition rules and just have fun!" and this has enabled me to let go of all potential frustrations, and I happily get back to my healthier lifestyle on the next day. I no longer have the mid-afternoon headaches I used to have; I no longer have food cravings; and I generally feel more balanced, fitter and happier. I doubt this would have been possible without your knowledge, support and passion. I would definitely recommend your healthy programs to anyone looking for similar results. Thank you, Louise!" 
Nelly, Perth WA

“Louise helped out family look at our eating habits and created a personalised healthy eating plan that catered to our family’s busy lifestyle and to that of our peanut allergic children. We have made several changes to pantry items and I’m happy in the knowledge that I’m feeding my family well! I love the shopping and meal planner and was happy to receive a follow up visit and feedback also. Thank you Louise, for all your support and advice.”

El-Zahed Family, Darwin NT


Personalised Plan  Packages

Basic Weight Loss Starter Plan 
$175 AUD
The Basic Weight Loss Starter Plan is for those who don’t require 1:1 support and simply want a “done for you” plan which incorporates their basic dietary requirements & busy lifestyle.
You'll receive a Questionnaire and 7-Day Diet Tracker via email of which a comprehensive assessment will be carried out and a personalised plan created and emailed to you which includes dietary recommendations, suggested habits and ritual plus meal ideas.  
Lose the first 5kg's 3 Month Plan
$550 AUD or
x3 payments of  $199
The Lose the First 5kg’s Plan is those who want more of a 1:1 experience, someone to keep them accountable and a more detailed and comprehensive plan.

You’ll receive a comprehensive analysis of your diet and lifestyle, list of dietary recommendations, new habits & rituals, meal plan with recipes and shopping list.


What’s included:

  • 3 x1 hour nutrition consults (face-to-face or via phone)

  • A Personalised Healthy Eating Plan File which we’ll work through together in creating your plan

  • Fortnightly accountability sessions via phone

  • Meal Planning Stationery Kit 

Keep the Weight Off For Life 6 Month Plan
$900 AUD or
x6 payments of  $165
The Keep the Weight off for Life Plan is a 6 Month Program, similar to the one above but is for those who want to take their health to the next level and solidify lasting change.

You’ll receive a comprehensive analysis of your diet and lifestyle, list of dietary recommendations, effective goal setting, new habits & rituals, healthy mind-set training, meal plan with recipes and shopping list; and a fridge and pantry review.


What’s included:

  • 6 x1 hour nutrition consults (face-to-face or via phone)

  • A Personalised Healthy Eating Plan File which we’ll work through together in creating your plan

  • Fortnightly accountability sessions via phone

  • Meal Planning Stationery Kit 

Ready to take the next step?

Find out of a Personalised Healthy Eating Plan is for you!