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Louise from Louise Ellen Nutrition is a Holistic Nutritionist who runs a local Nutrition Clinic based in Darwin, Australia and is the creator of the Ultimate Meal Planning Kit.

She is passionate about helping individuals do away with dieting and create a sustainable healthy lifestyle instead.

If you're ready to:

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Create a healthier relationship with food

Lose Weight Sustainably & Keep it Off

Improve Energy and Gut Health

Better Manage a Disease or Condition

Here's How I can Help

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About Louise Ellen


If you're ready to lead a healthier lifestyle, have more energy and lose those extra kilo's without dieting or better manage a disease or condition then you've come to the right place. 

I'm a qualified Nutritionist, based in Darwin (born & raised in Perth) and I help individuals achieve those results by helping them create a sustainable healthy lifestyle in a way that is simple and easy to maintain long term.

I am a huge advocate for empowering your with the tools, knowledge and know how so you can be equipped with everything you need to create sustainable change for the long term.... read more



Check out the Ultimate Healthy Meal Planning Kit (just $45)

Makes your meal planning quick and easy!

  • 3 Week Meal Plan with Shopping Lists and easy to make recipes

  • Easy to follow Meal Planning System that takes just 20 minutes a week

  • List of must have Healthy Pantry Items that every Nutritionist swears by

  • Additional recipes and Meal Guides that makes coming up with healthy meals easy!

  • Know exactly what to eat each day as it’s all planned out for you!

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